Acupuncture and TCM

Acupuncture is an insertion of sharp needles in specific points lying along the body meridians in order to stimulate these sensitive points. By stimulating these acupoints we are achieving regular flow of Qi (energy) hence balancing the body organs and systems.

First evidence of acupuncture was discovery of Ötzi in European Alps. His mummified body is dated approximately 5300 BC. First text containing acupuncture treatments for domestic animals were dated during the Jin Dynasty 265-420 CE, including protocol for the treatment of heat stroke in horses.

Around 700 CE there were around 600 veterinary acupuncture practitioners and veterinary acupuncture was getting adopted by Japan and about hundred years later acupuncture was introduced to Germany.During the unstable years of Qing Dynasty 1644-1911 and introduction to Western medicine Chinese medicine and Acupuncture practice was at their lowest until 1958 when Moa Ze Dong was prompted to proclaim Chinese medicine a great treasure and many Schools of CTM including Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine were opened.