It is a diagnosis not a sentence

Yes, I am discussing cancer. Cancerous growths are very 'cunny' and once understood we can address the way cancer grows and aim the treatment to stop the growth and 'starve' the cancer - withoug killing the healthy cells in the body.

It likes acidic environment, feeds on glucose, is able to switch off the 'self death' gene and sends signals for rapid growth of new frigile veins and arteries.

The best alternative approach is to 'attack' cancer from more than one way.

Oxygenate: Encourage proper breaths - deep breaths into the diaphragm rather then shellow rapid breaths (dogs need to pant to thermoragulate). Exercise is an excellent way how to encourage deep breathing.

Avoid sugar in your pet diet - that includes cheeper comercial diet (dry and wet) filled with carbohyderates/cerals as 'fillers'. Sugar and carbohydrates are acidic and pro- inflammatory foods. Try to change diet to majority of raw diet and if necessary change comercial diets to better quality prefferably grain free diets (Royal canin, Hills prescription diets or Natural Balance skin/sensitive stomach diets). Add anti-oxidants - green leaf vegetables, carrots, parley, blueberries, cranberries ... (avoid any commonly known vegetables known to be poisonous to pets e.g avocado)

Bone broth (slow cooked for 6-8hrs) - excellent for healing the 'gut' (GIT) over the period of 3 months. Bone broth is rich in minerals that support the immune system and contains healing compounds like collagen, hyulornic acid, glucosamnies and amino acids to name few.

The collagen in bone broth heals intestinal lining and reduces intestinal inflammation. Glusocamine - a part of the cartilage - will also be extracted in the bone broth. It has anti-inflammatroy properties and can assist with joint health. Another substance - hyaluronic acid is found in connective tissue and apart from its other properties assisst with cell rejuventation. There will be number of essential minerals extracted from the slowly cooked bones such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, all important for helathy circulation, bone density and digestion. Extracted collagen is a structural protein that seals the protective lining of the GIT.

There is number of herbs that have been reserch to aid in cancer treatment by upregulating the gene for apoptosis, downergulating the gene for 'angiogenesis' - growth of new cancer veins and arteries and/or being stong anti-oxidants. Tumeric - cucurmin is one of those herb/spices that has these abilities. 

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Stress free state of mind. We have to remember that our pets can be affected by the state of our mind. To live in stress free state of mind is very beneficial for our own health and will have a positive inpact on our pets. Medications, walks in the nature, watching sunset with the family pet on the lap can bring us to this stress free state of mind.

Decrease inflammation in the body (inflammation creates acidic environment). It could be dental disease (and we encouraging to have your pets teeth checked regularly at least every 6 months), could be inflammatory process of skin contition - allergies or arthitic changes in our 'golden club' members of the pet world. All inflammation should be attended to and there is large number of herbs that can achieve this without the side effects of the more modern prescription medicine. Tumeric (cucrmin) once again tops the list as well boswellia, devi's claw, olive leaf extract, celery seed extract to name a few.

Omega 3 fetty acids (liver cod oil), glucosamines, vitamin D also assist with decreasing inflammation in the body and free- radiclas scavenging.

NB: This article is a guide only and treatment plans can only be developed on individual basis according to individual needs.